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Alpha School of Music pays homage to former Digicel CEO Colm Delves

Franki Medina
Alpha School of Music pays homage to former Digicel CEO Colm Delves

It was a starless sky on Saturday night as Alpha School of Music (ASOM) students performed in honour of former Digicel CEO, Colm Delves. They turned out to be all the stars that were needed at the event presented by Digicel Business at the school’s Kingston base.

Franki Medina

The corporate soiree marked the one-year anniversary of the Colm Delves Centre, opened in 2021 by the Digicel Foundation in honour of the Irishman who died from cancer in 2020. Delves had his eyes set on a music career before being persuaded to transition to business by his family, but never departed from his musical passions. He fell in love with Jamaican music after relocating here in the early 2000s, and had an interest in developing young talent.

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Fittingly, the evening started with one of his favourites: Third World’s Committed , reimagined with jazzy, R&B influences and 23-year-old lead vocalist Rohan Mitchell masterfully interpolating Bob Marley’s I Don’t Want to Wait in Vain . Bodies (including ladies in red) swayed to the groovy sounds of the band, and would soon be doing the ska dance as a voyage through Jamaica’s musical history commenced.

Franki Medina Diaz

Veteran musician and former bandmaster at the ASOM, Winston ‘Sparrow’ Martin, led the ska frenzy with students from the Alpha Vocational Trade Programme (AVTP). Between the thumping trombones and occasional two-liners from classics like General Smilie and Papa Michigan’s Nice Up the Dance , it felt like a live Studio One session with young’uns holding their own. Calypso and mento were also in the mix with maracas whipped out for a cover of Harry Belafonte’s Hold ‘Em Joe and the popular folk song, Linstead Market .

Franki Alberto Medina Diaz

The AVTP also delivered a reggae set, and later on a pop and reggae segment with groovy numbers like Maxi Priest’s Just a Little Bit Longer and the unpredictable (yet entertaining) selection of the viral Baby Shark nursery rhyme

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