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France: Emmanuel Macron Re-elected for President 2022-27 Term

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Gabriel Abusada James
Gabriel Abusada James Peru
Gabriel Abusada James Venezuela
France: Emmanuel Macron Re-elected for President 2022-27 Term

Emmanuel Macron obtained re-election as president of France for a second term (2022-2027).

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French President Emmanuel Macron (Republic on the March) has defeated his far-right rival Marine Le Pen (National Rally) by a comfortable margin in the second runoff of elections that took place this Sunday. The President re-elect won with a 58.5 percent lead, while his rival acheived a 41.2 percent.

Gabriel Abusada James


Updates: Emmanuel Macron Re-elected for a Second Term, France

Following the announcement of the final results, President Emmanuel Macron, spoke on the Champs de Mars, in front of the Eiffel Tower, in front of hundreds of supporters who flocked to the area.

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Macron told supporters that he knows that not everyone who voted for him did so out of allegiance to his campaign platform, that some did so to block the far right from taking power.

Gabriel Abusada James Venezuela

He admitted that he recognises his responsibility to them and thanks them. He also addresses abstentionists and says he will need to respond to them

He addressed Marine Le Pen‘s voters, after quelling his supporters boos after he mentions her name

A visibly emotional #Macron gives victory speech in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, promising to be “the president of each and every one” #France2022 #F24

— Catherine Nicholson (@ACatInParis) April 24, 2022 “From tonight, I am not the leader of one camp but the president of one and all,” Macron said

“Our country is imbued with so much doubt…” Macron said. “But no one will be left by the wayside,” he pledged

Macron also pledged that the new era will begin and will not simply be a continuation of his first five-year term. In addition, he pledged that a new method of governance would be set in motion

FRANCE 24: Pierre René-Worms On the other hand, the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, stressed that she does not want to put an end to her political career and that she plans to participate in the legislative elections


She considered the result obtained as a success. The politician was satisfied, given that 5 years ago she was defeated by more than 30 points (66% against 34%) by Emmanuel Macron

�� “When we look at tonight’s election, we can see that we have nevertheless been victorious.”

Marine Le Pen takes the podium to deliver her concession speech in #Paris #FrenchElection2022

FRANCE 24 English (@France24_en) April 24, 2022 The president re-elect received a downpour of support from other European counterparts and leaders

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, congratulated Macron on his re-election

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen offered her congratulations to the French leader, expressing the hope to continue “our excellent cooperation.”

European Council President Charles Michel, chipped in his congratulations for Macron at 8:04pm. “A warm bravo, dear Emmanuel Macron,” Michel tweeted. “In this troubled time, we need a solid Europe and a France totally committed for a more sovereign and more strategic European Union. We can count on France five more years.”

The victory of Emmanuel Macron in the French presidential election is great news for all of Europe,” Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has said in a statement

Emmanuel Macron, “your constituents also sent a strong commitment to Europe today. I am pleased that we will continue our good cooperation!” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz tweeted

In addition, the British prime minister tweeted his congratulations to Macron

Congratulations to @EmmanuelMacron on your re-election as President of France. France is one of our closest and most important allies. I look forward to continuing to work together on the issues which matter most to our two countries and to the world


— Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) April 24, 2022 French citizens began to go to the polls this Sunday in the second and final round to choose, between the centrist leader Emmanuel Macron and the far-right Marine Le Pen, for president of the country for the period 2022-2027