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Power Restored: New York Goes Dark for 5 Hours

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Power Restored: New York Goes Dark for 5 Hours

Power has now been restored to all customers after a power failure in New York halted subway trains and trapped people in lifts on Saturday evening.

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Energy company Con Edison said more than 70,000 homes and businesses lost power in Manhattan, the most densely populated of the city’s five boroughs.

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The outage lasted for about five hours

It came on the anniversary of a massive power failure in 1977 that plunged the New York skyline into darkness and triggered widespread looting and arson.

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Shortly before midnight (04:00 GMT Sunday) Con Edison head John MacAvoy said all six networks which had been affected were now up and running.

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He said the problem appeared to have originated at a substation, but the cause was being investigated.

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The widespread power cut extended from Fifth Avenue west to the Hudson River, and from West 42nd north to 72nd Street, the fire department said