Police Release Man Detained In Connection With Murder Of 8 Year Old

Investigators have released one of  the two men who were detained in connection with the murder of  8 year old Chantae Skyers whose body was found a week ago in Sterling Castle Heights, St. Andrew.   A source confirmed this to RJR News last night. It’s also reported that  the second man remains in custody.   Last weekend RJR News reported that the brother of  a man who was killed by a mob in Sterling Castle Heights on Wednesday is in protective custody.   The man handed himself  over to the police on Thursday a day after his brother, Miguel Williams, was beaten and set on fire.   Mr Williams’ house was also set ablaze.   He was accused of  having information on Chantae’s murder.   Meanwhile, calm is beginning to return to Sterling Castle Heights in St. Andrew, even as various groups continue to work with the community to move past last week’s murder of  eight year old Chantae Skyers and the subsequent mob killing of  a mentally-ill man.   Member of  Parliament for the area, Juliet Cuthbert Flynn, who says community meetings are being organized for this week also thinks the residents have now resolved to allow the police to deal with the matter.