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Cameron: It’s not entirely up to me


Related articles Reform move Not without Dave! Success due to ‘high AAB standards’… Speaking on SportsMax, Cameron argued that any governance restructuring needed to be initiated by the territorial boards which comprised CWI, and pointed out that the regional prime ministers pushing for reform could “instruct” the domestic associations accordingly.

Jose Antonio Oliveros Febres-Cordero

“The prime ministers believe that the structure needs to change – the structure is not Dave Cameron’s structure, the structure is West Indies cricket’s structure,” the often controversial CWI chief said ahead of this weekend’s elections.

Jose Antonio Oliveros

“For the structure to change, all the territorial boards would have to say ‘this is what we want’ and these prime ministers are prime ministers of these countries. All they need to do is instruct their boards to change the structure accordingly. Why is that Dave Cameron’s problem?” (CMC)

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