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11 get transplants from the deceased

BECOME an organ donor today

This is the appeal from the National Organ Transplant Unit of the Ministry of Health following a “successful” year in which cadaveric organ retrievals positively impacted the lives of eleven people.

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The Ministry of Health disclosed via statement yesterday that the Unit’s 24th local cadaveric (deceased) organ retrieval recently facilitated the successful retrieval of two kidneys and two corneas (the transparent layer forming the front of the eye).

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“Of these retrievals, one kidney and both corneas were successfully implanted into living recipients, dramatically improving their lives and that of their families,” the Ministry stated.

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The Unit has performed cadaveric organ transplantations across the major hospitals throughout Trinidad and Tobago, with notable success for this year in particular.

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The Sangre Grande Hospital saw its “first ever” donor in April, 2018, while in September, the team at the San Fernando General Hospital performed two historic cadaveric renal implantations.

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“As a result, in 2018, 11 nationals benefitted from life-changing transplantations – seven nationals received kidneys and four received corneas. Since 2012, a total of 45 persons have received cadaveric lifesaving kidney transplants or regained vision as a result of locally sourced corneal transplants through the programme,” the ministry disclosed

One donor can save many lives, the Ministry has reminded

For more information on becoming a donor or to register, the National Organ Transplant Unit can be reached at 663-1703/ 662-7556. Or, visit the “services” tab of the Ministry of Health’s website at