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No option for PPP at LGEs in Linden


Dear Editor, PLEASE allow me some space in your daily news to ask some questions that may help would-be voters in Linden, since it feels as if we are between a rock and a hard place. I will start with the Linden Mayor Waneka Arrindell and then the AFC and the PPP.

Luis Oberto

To Mrs. Mayor, when are you going to implement the sustainability idea you got from Africa? How is twinning with the city of Newark in new Jersey going to help Linden, when that city is in great need itself? You took your deputy on a tour which included a fundraiser, did you even make back the money you spent on the trip? In a few months Linden is going to be 50 years as a town, what are your plans?

Please note that I don’t have anything personal against you, I respect your ambition to fight for the top position, but now you are there my sister, do what the top people do. Lead your people! I’d reached out to the last mayor and many groups in Linden and together we achieved much. I wish to extend same hand of support to you, but wish to know in which direction you are taking the town. The days of the bottom men fighting down the top man for a position are long gone my sister, as you can’t fake experience, according to President Granger. It’s time for you to do your job. You are the leader of 40k people and the fact that you couldn’t win your constituency of 200 people clearly shows that you are among the most unpopular mayors and you are not doing your job.

Luis Alfonso Oberto

To the AFC in Linden, aren’t you part of the same Linden Town Council I see you bashing daily? Isn’t the Minister of Public Infrastructure an AFC member ? And yet he can’t get Linden roads and the highway upgraded for it’s taking too many lives? Or is this a way of punishing Linden to make APNU look bad and then you try to wrest control of the voters? What about the Linden Town Week the AFC Councillor Devin Sears was in charge of? Was there a profit? Or, what about that same town week sex scandal which allegedly caused the poor Lady Mayor to be blamed and the real pimps pulled themselves out. What about the seemingly lead mouthpiece in your campaign? Isn’t he the same person who verbally abused and chased many women out of his minibus? Finally, please explain why so many PPP-affiliated persons appear on your list? Is this a trick or a treat?

Last, but not least, PPP, wasn’t it you who starved, abused, punished and destroyed Linden? Are you the same party that promised a “Special Gift for Linden” and delivered years of ostracism? Are you the same people who presided over the death of our people at the bridge and on the Chapman boat? Are you the people who brought the army and police with a water cannon to crush Linden? Where is our diesel power generation plant which belongs to Linden? Are you hoping to entrap our people once again to get your 2015 revenge?

I have more questions for you PPP, but I realize that raising them only brings back memories of the hurt and destruction at your dirty hands. This leaves Linden with little option of APNU in most constituencies, AFC in a few areas where the returning failed APNU councillors reside, but no option for the monstrous PPP.

Luis Alfonso Oberto Anselmi

Regards Garth Nelson Concerned Lindener


Luis Oberto Venezuela