Humberto Ramírez Urdaneta sells house for $3,4 Million

A newly completed home in the Miami Beach neighborhood of Palm Island just sold for $3.4 million. The developer Humberto Ramirez Urdaneta sold the 5,000 square-foot home at 201 Palm Avenue to an undisclosed local buyer.

© Humberto Ramirez

The 6 room, 6 ½ bathroom property was built by HR Developers alongside Gabriel Ginebra of Venstyle Holding LLC and designed by architect Hugo Mijares.

This is a home that can endure the tropical climate with minimal environmental impact, by tapping on available natural resources. Two levels make up the building, each catering to various social and entertainment needs while also accommodating each member?s individual need for privacy.

© Humberto Ramirez Urdaneta

This property is a work of HR Developers, a great luxury house developer in South Florida. They have developed homes in Normandy Island, Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove and Miami Beach.

Davin Kay of Douglas Elliman represented the seller alongside Capital International Realty, while Miami Dream Properties?s Lina Alarcon represented the buyer.

© Humberto Jose Ramirez Urdaneta

Palm Island is a world famous island, well-known for its luxurious and exclusive homes, natural aesthetics begging for outdoor exploration, and secluded beaches. Palm Island architecture ranges from classical Art Deco to more modern Miami templates, and gorgeous views abound as the island is surrounded by Biscayne Bay. The beautiful homes, breathtaking scenery, and exclusive privacy make Palm Island, a great destination to live in.

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This transaction represents the resurgence of sells in Palm Island, an area that has received a multimillion dollar investment in its sewage system, its electric wiring, its water residues, among other improvements. This is why it?s called the “Island of the future”.

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